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About Our Brand

 Our Vision

Our vision is to change the world through fashion. Fashion is the one of the things that everyone no matter your race, religion, or creed can enjoy. We say anyone who shops with us is family & family is forever.



Boogie Apparel is our streetwear brand that was founded in 2016 as Boogie Boy Clothing. Boogie Apparel is a brand that seeks to be “for the people.” It was artistically created with dope collections while feeling comfortable in the brand. We understand that it’s more than apparel; it’s a lifestyle. The brand essential desire is to build a clothing company that closely knits our relationship with our clients through designs and conversations that happen in every purchase. We want the people to understand and grasp the idea that the company is willing to listen to its clientele’s needs and wants.


Boogie Luxury​ is our Japanese inspired luxury brand that was founded in 2022. Created by Juceno. Boogie Luxury is a Japanese inspired luxury clothing brand that sells handbags, footwear, accessories, fragrances, and home decor. The brand now sells handbag and accessories but is in the nascent stage of development and our store will be complete by the end of 2023.



Julius "Juceno" Williams is known worldwide. Best known as someone with multiple talents, versatility, ambition, and zeal to do something extraordinary, Juceno allowed his creativity to soar, resulting in the birth of Boogie Apparel and, eventually, Boogie Luxury. 

Justin "Clutch" Harris is from Philadelphia. He always had a passion for fashion at an early age. He plans to elevate Boogie Apparel  by creating expressive clothing with meaning.  

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