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This collection is entitled: “Elemental Love Letters” each bag is created to be a love letter to the elements we often take for granted.


Water is our most precious resource but our most neglected. This bag is a reminder of the water around us, no matter whether a lake, a river, a wave, or a rain droplet is important. Water is essential to our life!


Earth is our most natural resource; we often forget under our feet. This bag is a reminder to feel. Feel the earth under our feet, the rocks that skip, and the grass rustling in the wind. Earth is essential to keep us grounded.


Fire is our most choaric yet cherished resource we often forget creates. This bag is a reminder to not judge to quickly. To remember that fire while sometimes unpredictable keeps our earth going and ensures we have many of our daily necessities. Fire is essential to keep us going. 


Space our most misunderstood and untapped resource. This bag is reminder to dream. To never forget that the world is bigger than us, yet we all matter. Dare to soar and explore. Space is essential to keep us moving


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